Hair effects: What does straightening, curling and dying do to your hair?

physicaleffectsConstantly blow drying your hair, curling it, straightening it, coloring it, using harsh chemicals can have negative effects in the long run. Many people do not realize how much damage they can do to their hair with their daily routines. Healthy hair has a number of factors; proper nutrition, proper hygiene, and sleep are among the most important factors to maintain healthy hair.

Over exposure to heat from blow drying, curling or straightening your hair can do some serious damage. Before you think that chemical straighteners are better the chemicals used to straighten hair can also leave permanent damage behind.

So what is a person to do? You cannot simply stop styling your hair. One of the best ways to prevent the damage is to use the curling iron, blow drier and straightener sparingly, and when you do use a curling iron or straightener use a heat-protecting styling product first.

There are a lot of really good leave in conditioners that work to protect your hair against the heat. Make sure that the iron you are using is not too hot, and only apply it to small sections of hair at a time. Also when you are purchasing any of the products that apply heat to your hair make sure they are Ionic Technology. These are a lot better on the hair.

For styling products that cause harm to your hair, your best bet is to use these sparingly. Look for products that are all natural, and try to use them instead of the chemical based products. A lot of the name brand items are putting out all natural products that are not as harsh on your hair. You can also use leave in conditioners that help repair some of the damage caused by harsh chemicals. If you are having a lot of problem with dry or excessively oily hair, split ends or damage, try changing your shampoo and conditioner. Some of the damage can be corrected with that simple measure.

Some other basic tips for healthier hair include letting it dry naturally after a shower rather than blow drying it, and never brush your hair while it is still wet, brushing it will it is still wet can cause you to pull out hairs, or even cause split ends. It is much better to wait until it is dry or nearly dry then gently comb it out.

Do not worry if you see hair in your shower or in the brush, this isn’t a sign that you have a problem, rather everyone loses hair every day so it should be expected that you leave a few behind in the shower on your brush.

Damage to your hair is irreversible, so keep that in mind if you have split ends they will always be split all you can do is trim them off and take care of the rest of your hair. Leave in conditioners, and moisturizers are just preventative measures they cannot undo damage that is already done.